About The Groove Masters...

The Groove Masters was founded by a music industry professional named Steven Orkin. Steven manages marketing campaigns for world-class musicians including drummers Dave Weckl and Steve Smith, guitarists Mike Stern and Frank Gambale, and more. He also works in music education, running the renowned Drum Fantasy Camp and also Music Annex Los Angeles.

Social distancing inspired the creation of The Groove Masters. Many of the world's best artists are unable to travel and teach during the COVID-19 pandemic. But access to live clinics and master classes has NEVER been easy. Most are run by musical instrument manufacturers and budgets for these events has gotten smaller over the years. Even in the best of times, artists have never been able to travel everywhere and meet the demands all who would attend their classes.

This is why The Groove Masters is a unique opportunity. You can participate in classes with your favorite artists - and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Classes are small and interactive, just like regular master classes. Now, you have access to artists no matter where you live.

Technical Recommendations

Many people have used Zoom for business meetings and family gatherings. It's easy to jump on a Zoom call using your phone, tablet, and computer. Depending on which device you are using, there are "best practices" to using Zoom. Here are some things that can help ensure the best possible experience:

1. Install Zoom on your computer. If you are using a phone or tablet, please install the Zoom app for iOS or install the Zoom app for Android. Follow directions to login or create an account prior to joining your Groove Masters class.

2. Make sure you are in an ideal room for your lesson. You should not be "backlit." Light that is behind you will make you disappear or appear in a shadow, making it hard for your instructor to see what you are doing. Light should be evenly distributed in the room or come more from the front so that you are easy to see.

3. Please make sure you are in a quiet place where nearby noise will not distract you or others in the class. Your instructor will turn off your microphone during the class until you are called on to talk or ask a question. But when your microphone is on, you will want to be in a quiet place so that you and others can hear what you have to say.

4. Adjust your Zoom audio settings prior to the class. Open Zoom on your computer or device, click the HOME tab, click the SETTINGS wheel on the right, click the AUDIO tab, click ADVANCED, and click "Show in-meeting option to enable original sound" from microphone." This will allow more continous audio when you are called upon. Guitar, drum, and keyboard sounds will be more full for the listener.

5. Write to us at questions@thegroovemasters.com with any questions! We will send detailed instructions prior to your class.